REVIEW: Little Italy


This past weekend, we were in the mood for a pizza but really didn’t want to go to the usual pizzerias because, let’s face it, we know their menus off by heart and they have become a little unexciting.

So, we thought let’s try something new! And how much more newer can it get than NOT heading out to a mall, to the usual, but rather heading to a restaurant set up in a suburban area in the South of Johannesburg. We ended up at Little Italy. Little Italy has literally been set up in a home that has been transformed into a restaurant!

Dodgy, I know. Even I was skeptical. But, boy, did it surprise me!



Little Italy is a family-owned Portuguese/Italian restaurant in Glenanda in the South of Johannesburg serving authentic Italian dishes, and other favourites, with its menu ranging across pizza, pasta, meat, seafood and even sushi.

It’s situated in a quiet area with parking available on the sidewalks outside the restaurant (security is available). The restaurant setup is cosy – with an outside (smoking) seating area with a white screen and projector perfect for game nights as well as inside seating. We weren’t there when it was busy so I can’t really comment on how busy it can really get. But the atmosphere was relaxing.



If you’re looking for different, homely and hearty then this menu is just for you! There’s a little bit of something for everyone and even though we had our doubts about whether the pizza we ordered would actually taste great, it exceeded our expectations. So I would definitely consider going back to try something else. Some garlic and parmesan would, however, have been a great pairing with our pizza. But we were just given chillies and hot sauce. We were a little disappointed by this.

We also caught a glimpse of their desserts and they looked yummy!



The pricing is really not too bad. It’s actually on-par with well-known franchises.



Unfortunately, the service was to some extent disappointing. We weren’t really greeted with a friendly smile when we got there and when we were ready to order our waiter wasn’t around. Despite not being busy, the food also took quite some time. Perhaps, I can let it slide since it was not a fast-food restaurant but if you are starving, as we were, it’s probably best not to go here.

They do kinda make up for it with palette cleansers when you leave: shooters (hopefully this is an ALWAYS)! We had the most amazing milk tart flavoured shooter. 3 days later I am actually still craving it. So, thumbs up there.



Great food. Great atmostphere. Bad service (unfortunately, lost me there). 7/10









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