Never Thirsty at the Sandton Craft Beer Fair

I’ve seen this event pop up on my Facebook page over the past few years but I’ve always been too broke to go. Not this year! Even if I was broke I was going to go!

sandton fair
[PICTURE COURTESY OF Sandton Craft Beer and Distillery Fair]


Sandton Craft Beer Festival is a craft beer and food festival held in Sandton. 2017 was the 5th instalment of the event.


It was R200 pp.  I thought it was a bit pricey at first but I think the price was absolutely worth it! Great entertainment, great intimate setup, great venue! I was happy!


We ate before we got there – yes, we’re cheap like that – so I didn’t really take note of the food that was available. We did, however, buy churros (MY FAVE!) from some knock off of Paquito’s Treatery. Their churros were decent but they WERE NOT Paquito’s Treatery. I mean who can compare to their milk tart churros (please post me some if you guys see this 😛 ?) The craft beer selection was awesome! Definitely something for every kind of craft beer lover – my personal favourite is the Cream Ale from 3 Fransen Street. And, thumbs up for the branded cups!

Innis & Gunn
CBC – Cape Brewing Company

3 Fransen Street

Devil’s Peak Brewing Company


Everything was awesome! The event was held at The Sands in Sandton and I really enjoyed the intimate setup. When you entered, you found all the food, craft beer stalls and some seating and, once you went up to the upper deck (not sure if that’s what you referred to it as), you had a wonderful couch seating area close to the pool and music area (it was my first time at The Sands so excuse me if this is the usual setup). It would, however, have been quite packed if you arrived late.

The entertainment was amazing! They included Jerry and the Bandits (love them!), We Are Charlie, Tidal Waves, Desmond and the Tutus and the act that really took me by surprise was Power of Thought and Greedy Greg (Power of Thought’s hands are SOOOOO soft, ladies!). By far some of the best acts I have seen.

Jerry & the Bandits
Greedy Gregg & Power of Thought
We Are Charlie
Tidal Waves


10/10. Loved, loved loved!

What were your thoughts on the the Sandton Craft Beer Fair?

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