Finally did Moyo! And, just in time for Heritage Day!



Moyo is a South African-based restaurant dedicated to African dining with 5 stores situated across South Africa. The word moyo is of Swahili decent and means heart.



Their food is authentically African with dishes ranging from smokey boerewors rolls; to heart-warming potjies; crocodile; and yip, you guessed it, mopani worms! We kept it fairly safe, though, taking our taste buds on a trip down to Durban with a lamb curry bunny chow and a side of fries and down to Morocco with a zucchini, brinjal and mushrooms vegetarian stew – both were absolutely divine. Their servings are also quite large and filling, with us joking that their fries are basically halved potatoes hehe, so there was really no space for any dessert.

Ushaka lamb bunny chow
Ushaka lamb bunny chow: Delicious Durban style lamb curry in home baked bunny chow bread, served with carrot salad and raita
Zucchini, brinjal And mushroom smoor
Zucchini, brinjal And mushroom smoor: Moroccan inspired slow cooked vegetable stew of zucchini, brinjal and mushrooms, with toasted flaked almonds, grilled peppers and chickpeas served with couscous

Their drinks menu is quite extensive so you’re sure to get something to suit what you’re into. Because it was a particularly scorching day in Cape Town, I settled for my go-to: Miller Genuine Draft.



I love the décor. It’s a pity I didn’t get many pics of it but it is so African yet so beautifully modern. Music isn’t too bad but may not be to everyone’s liking. Tourists would love it though because it would be something different.

Our waitress was a trainee but the service was great! She was attentive, friendly and helpful. And, in true Moyo-style, we were offered their unique African face painting experience. Been meaning to do it forever so I was in my element!

Moyo Kirstenbosch


They really aren’t exorbitant at all, with the cheapest meal (a starter) starting at R45. If you’re on a bit of a tight budget, you can get away with splitting the bill while enjoying amazing food.


10/10! Really enjoyed my time here and would gladly go back again to try more exotic dishes.

Have you been to Moyo? How did you find the menu and the service? Which one did you go to? Does your experience get a thumbs up or a thumbs down? Let me know!

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