It’s Pure & Crafted SA Festival 2017 this weekend – Let’s revisit 2016!

It’s Pure & Crafted SA Festival 2017 this weekend. Let’s revisit 2016…

Pure & Crafted SA Festival 2016 was two-day music, motorcycle and new heritage festival held at the Ground venue in Muldersdrift on 26 and 27 November 2016 and is inspired by the German Pure & Crafted festival.

I was lucky enough to win two weekend pass tickets (YAY!) so I was super excited. However, from what I saw, it seemed to be a motorcycle festival so I wasn’t too sure on what to expect and went into it a bit sceptical; but, boy, did it surprise me!



The event was held at Ground venue in Muldersdrift – a bit far out but I absolutely love just getting out of the hustle and bustle of the city so that was a plus for me. Although it mostly full when we got there, there was still ample parking as well as security on-site. The checking in process was quick, easy and well-controlled (at least when we got there). Only downer when walking in, was the hay and sand at the entrance, especially after it rained on day 1.

The event organisers made good use of all the plot space. Although the different sections were quite spread out, whatever was happening at one section didn’t interfere with what was happening at another – total thumbs up!
The toilet facilities were terrible. They were the usual portable toilets, which I HATE! They just feel so unhygienic and I just feel so dirty after using it. I guess I’m probably just use to the toilets used at the outdoor Monte Casino events.


Great selection of food but limited selection of drinks. Can’t remember who the beer sponsor was but I recall I wasn’t too happy with it but drank it anyway.

Milk tart churros from Paquitos Treatery
Erdinger Dunkel & Bitburger
Gajoun chicken strips and salad from Sumthing Fresh


There were three music stages: Main Stage (big acts), Forest Stage (club vibes) and the Munich Beer Stage (covers and old people). We popped in at all three and there was something for everyone. Although there were big acts including Prime Circle and The Parlotones, we didn’t really enjoy the main stage entertainment much. I enjoyed the Bad Peter performance at the Main Stage on day 1 and the Forest Stage was such fun come night-time – what a party. On day 2, Mi Casa took the cake!

There wasn’t much to see at the exhibitor tents. The BMW Vintage Museum, although small, it was super cool – the motorcycles were absolute beauties. The stunt section was a let-down – nothing amazing. If you did want to learn how to ride, there was that too.

What I liked about the vibe at this festival was that it was quite chilled. It wasn’t too packed or rowdy.

BMW Vintage Museum


This year they’ve cut it down to a one-day festival – understandable since day 2 was quieter than day 1. There are two international acts and 18 South African acts (about the same as last year if I’m not mistaken). They have, however, cut down on the number of stages, opting for only two stages: The Four Cylinder stage and the Vintage stage. Most of the line-up is made up of house, dance and electronic acts – also understandable since the Forest Stage was the more popular stage last year.

Windhoek is the beer partner for the 2017 festival. I, personally, don’t like Windhoek so the beer sponsor is a let down again. Progues Whiskey is the whiskey sponsor. I can’t really comment here because I don’t drink whiskey.

I haven’t seen anything else that sticks out. However, if last year’s festival is anything to go by, I’d say tomorrow is bound to be a super awesome day. Even if the entertainment isn’t up to scratch or bikes are just not your thing, it’s an awesome day out in the sun and out of the city.

Be sure to check it out tomorrow (30 September), 11am – 2am at Ground venue in Muldersdrift. Pre-sold tickets are R250 and tickets at the door are R300 (both excluding ticket fees and credit card commission)



  • Wear boots
  • Take a picnic blanket
  • Take an umbrella (for rain or shine)
  • Wear sunscreen
  • Be prepared to walk
  • Drinkers, get a taxi
  • If you’re planning on staying late, arrange to sleep over at accommodation in the area

Enjoy, lovelies! xxx

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