Self-worth quote

When your ex tells you: “Have moved on with my life with someone worthy”

What makes someone worthy? Worthy in this context means:

“having or showing the qualities that deserve the specified action or regard.”

So, what actually makes someone worthy?

Self-worth quote

My ex messaged me today saying he’s moved on with someone worthy. This message was a bit out of the blue since I hadn’t contacted him for quite some time being all desperate and pathetic because I got the message that he no longer cared about me and because I’m working on me, my life and my happiness.

But reading his message took me right back to the place where I always felt so unworthy throughout our relationship:

  • I always felt ugly
  • I always felt like I needed to compete with other women
  • I felt like nothing I did or could do would make him only want me
  • I wondered if I needed to be younger or be a slut because this is what these other women were
  • I felt I wasn’t good enough to be important to someone who was important to me

I lost my confidence. I had very low self-esteem. I lost my sense of worth. I got so caught up in needing to prove myself to him to show him why I was enough and why he didn’t need to be messaging or calling all these other women. I tried to prove myself so much to the detriment of my self-worth, self-value and my mental health – I literally reached the point of insanity.

But, and it’s taken months, I had to pull myself out of that hole:

  • I joined Tinder again and (hot) guys actually think I’m hot – guys I never thought would look at me twice
  • I’ve started taking better care of me: I try and look decent every day, I’m exercising, I’m eating healthier, drinking less and I’ve started dyeing my hair again
  • I’m being positive: My life still isn’t perfect but I’m trying to look on the bright side, always hoping for a better tomorrow and I know now that you can’t depend on other people to support you even though you’ve always supported them
  • I am happy and it’s because of me: I am genuinely happy for the first time in a very long time and it’s not because of someone else or him
  • I’m trying to be more confident: I’m an introvert at heart but I’m trying to get out of my shell a bit more
  • I’ve realised my value: I know now that people who don’t see my worth, don’t need to be in my life no matter how much I still want them there

See, the thing is: there will always be someone prettier than you, thinner than you, thicker than you, smarter than you or someone better suited for that job you’re eyeing than you are – and you know what? It’s okay.


Because the right people will always stay and you will be more than enough for them because they’ll see your value and know that everything they need is right in front of them. Anything and everything that’s meant for you and that you are worthy of and that is worthy of you will be yours – when the time is right – and you wouldn’t have needed to beg for it or constantly prove your worth to or for it. And lastly, you’ve got to work on being worthy to and for yourself first then your ex telling you that, in a nutshell, he’s found someone better than you, won’t even bother you one bit.

Remember: You set your own worth! It starts with you! 💋


2 thoughts on “When your ex tells you: “Have moved on with my life with someone worthy”

  1. I am so glad to hear that you are in this head space. He did you a favour!
    Somebody who does this to somebody else does not think much of themselves, and he won’t prosper! He will be back where he started, and you would be long gone/far ahead/GROWN!
    Best wishes!

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