5 things I’ve never tried – but need to in 2018

2018 is the year I’ve set aside to do all things I haven’t done before: I’m all about no longer holding myself back, being braver and being more adventurous – a goal I set last year but never quite got around to. So, here’s a list of the 5 things I’ve never tried but need to in 2018 – and you are welcome to remind me about it!

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#1: Chicken livers

Peri-peri chicken livers served with brown bread or bruschetta is a standard starter on South African restaurant menus and even though I’ve even tried escargot (snails), I just haven’t had the courage to try chicken livers yet. But 2018 is the year 😉! Have you tried it?


#2: Train trip to the Cape Winelands

So, I’ve been on the train trip to Magaliesberg and I have to say that I haven’t experienced anything as beautiful, as special and as relaxing as a train trip along the countryside – imagine even more so when surrounded by the beauty of Cape Town. Keen to do it too? Then book with Atlantic Rail. I simply can’t wait!


#3: Mopane worms

Mopane worms is a popular African cuisine in Southern Africa. Although referred to as worms, it is the caterpillar of a species of emperor moth called, Gonimbrasia belina. I’m not too familiar with how it’s prepared or served but finally I’ll get to find out what Timon and Pumbaa were on about when it came to their grub.


#4: Soweto

I grew up in Eldorado Park, which falls under Soweto and – believe me or not – I have never properly been in and around Soweto. This is mostly because of the stereotype that exists around this township (that it’s crime ridden), a stereotype which those who frequent the area often dismiss. So, hopefully with my next trip to the City of Gold, I’ll make a booking for the Johannesburg City Sightseeing combo package, which includes a Joburg City Tour and Soweto Tour. Have you been to Soweto?


#5: Game drive

This is really a shame, guys. People travel thousands and thousands of kilometers from other continents to experience the beauty of our animals and I have never even been on one Game Drive. I think I’d mostly be terrified of being so close to them and would imagine the worst possible scenarios of what could go wrong 😂 but need to do it. Cross fingers for me 🤞. Which game park would you suggest?


Sneaky entry – #6: Consistent exercise

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I’ve always been an on-again-off-again exerciser but in 2018 I would love to exercise more consistently. Your body feels amazing. Your body looks amazing. You feel sexy. You feel confident. And, in my books, that’s more than enough reason to exercise consistently. We’re 14 days into 2018 and I haven’t exercised yet 😲 but I’ve promise myself to start again soon. I’m feeling fat and heavy – yet somehow still sexy 😂 – but that’s no way to feel this year. How do you stay motivated on days when you just don’t feel like it? Would you like me to keep a health diary as part of my Off Topic content and we can motivate each other? Let me know, lovelies 😁.


What are you goals for 2018? What are new things you want to try this year? Let me know and we can keep track of each other!

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