How to love yourself

It’s that dreaded thing called Valentine’s Day a.k.a the worst day for us singletons and it’s one of the days you’re most likely to wonder why you don’t have anyone special as yet.

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BUT why should you wait around for someone else to love you when you can shower yourself with all your own marvelous lovin’? Here’s how!

  • Take yourself out on dates. You make your own money, don’t you? But if someone offers, it’s free food.
  • That haircut? Get it! You’ll wonder WTF you were thinking when it’s wash day but you’ll learn to manage it and you’ll love it.
  • Tea time, book time or beer time – any kind of something-time is good.
  • Exercise, eat healthy and try to look good. You’ll feel the difference in your confidence and self-esteem – and you’ll look mighty fine!
  • You don’t need that BS in your life. You know that and now I’m telling you that too. Scrap it!
  • Don’t hang around for that text or phone call. You have better things to do, my darling, like eating all the Lays Salted potato chips in the world!
  • He’s not your type but maybe that’s exactly what you need. Or not. We are advocating for the single life, right?
  • “Yes, you do deserve better” – whenever you start wondering whether you deserve better. There’s no joking about this one!
  • Remember that you are special to someone; even if it’s just your cat. You need to feed that MF!
  • That decision that seems crazy AF, out of character and rocks your comfort zone? Do it – within reason of course!
  • Smile. It looks good on you. (Yes, some of us have resting bitch face but we are smiling on the inside.)
  • Embrace the thing you feel most awkward about. Most people probably love it anyway! #Truth!

How do you love yourself? I’d love to know, sweetpeas!

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