10 Commandments of Budget Cooking

Cooking cheap is super easy, anyone can do it! All you need to know are the basics to help you get started. Here are my 10 commandments for cooking on a budget. 1. Plan ahead Planning ahead ensures you only buy what you need when you go to the store and prevents those spur of the moment splurges on snacks or ingredients you’re unlikely to … Continue reading 10 Commandments of Budget Cooking

Hanging with Leanne's pantry

My 5 pantry must-haves

Pantry must-haves are essential for every kitchen because it pretty much cuts down the number of ingredients you need to buy for your weekly meal prep and, that in turn, cuts how much you spend on meal prep because these items are always available when you need it. Based on your meal prep, your pantry must-haves might differ from mine and that’s okay – as … Continue reading My 5 pantry must-haves