Chocolate-coated hot cross buns

3 dishes singles can bring to Easter lunch

It’s almost the Easter Weekend and if you’re single and planning on spending it with family, it’s probably a good idea not to pitch up empty handed for Easter Lunch.

So, what on earth do you bring along if the only person you ever cook for is yourself?

Stick to the basics

In all honesty, all they’re expecting is for you to keep it traditional and ensure whatever you’re bringing is edible. To me, that translates to bringing anything that includes seafood, seafood, seafood and, of course, hot cross buns. But your own modern twist should be okay too 😉. Here’s what’s on my list!

Chocolate-coated hot cross buns

Hot cross buns are a fave for most people, so why not spice it up and try and put your own spin on it? I opted to top it with chocolate.

Seafood stir fry and fried rice

I thought it would be great to add a bit of Asian to the mix as well with an Asian-style seafood stir fry with fried yellow rice.

Pickled fish

…And who can forget your pickled fish – my first attempt! To be honest, I don’t think it was a success but I’ll come back with the final verdict on Friday 🤷🤦.

What’s your Easter lunch prep looking like? Did you keep things traditional or did you add a touch of modern to it? Are you all for pickled fish and hot cross buns or does it get a big thumbs down from you? Let me know!

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